We are often being asked about opportunities to help up here. Some people feel that they may not have much to offer. The truth is, if you can hold a paintbrush or a spade, babysit, or pretty much if you can inhale and exhale, you can be of use up here. The trick is to be flexible.The needs vary all the time, so no one is really confined to just one job. One day you might be helping in the school, another you might be helping to do some plumbing, and on still another you may have to assist in theatre. As long as you are okay with that you are most likely going to be very welcome.


However, there is a specific need for work parties. These might be from a church group, students or Rotary clubs.

There is a lot of building and renovation going on at the moment and if you can get a team together to come for between 2-3 weeks we would certainly be very interested. You don’t necessarily have to have a builder on that team -our builder here can supervise. Work parties are the most efficient, though, when you do have people who are relatively handy with some tools. But as we said above, there is always painting and other less skilled work to be done and don’t forget that the school is always needing help too, so don’t turn people away from joining if they are keen.

Tips for work parties:

Travelling time is around 2-3 days each way depending on where you are coming from. Allow at least one week to 10 days minimum on the ground here in Kompiam.

Think about fundraising to contribute to the project you are working on. Tools are harder to come by here, so perhaps bring some with you and leave them behind.

Try to teach as much as you are able while here. The language is not that hard to learn and we will try to pair you up with our guys here so you can learn off each other. It will enrich your trip and leave something behind other than a building.

Come to work. We do try and get you out to have a look around the place, as we are able. We want you to enjoy yourself and not get burned out. Having said that, we really need people here on the ground who are coming to help.

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