Yengisa Health Centre

Yengisa is our most remote health centre, 20 minutes flight due north of Kompiam, or 2-3 days walk if you are fit enough.

Located in the Wapi council of Kompiam district, it is about 3000’ above sea level and considerably hotter than Kompiam. Its people speak a mixture of Enga and Lembena, the language of the border regions. The predominant illnesses seen are malaria, typhoid fever, and diarrhoeal illnesses. Tuberculosis is becoming increasingly common.

The health centre is quite large and when fully functional provides space for 8-10 inpatients and obstetric care in addition to outpatient care.  Solar powered vaccination fridges allow for an established maternal and child health program. In times past we have even done surgical patrols to Yengisa, conducting small operations such as tubal ligations on patients who find it hard to get to Kompiam.

However tribal fighting saw this service run down in 2005 and it is slowly recovering. With the financial help of Rotary Coromandel Valley, two new staff houses are currently being built along with a reliable water supply. There are also plans to  maintain the health centre as it still needs to be solarised and its water supply scheme needs to be rebuilt. Considerable funds as well as time and skill commitment will be needed in order to complete these projects.

Two small aid posts have been established that feed into Yengisa – Yambatok and Irepeno.

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