Case Studies

Case Study 1:
Abdominal pain & fever

A 45 year old woman from Asangamut on the Yuat River (ESP) presents with some months of abdominal pain and on examination has a mobile central abdominal mass. Download the full case study here…

Case Study 2:
10 year old girl with ulcer on elbow

This young girl presented to the Health Centre at Obo on the Fly River with an ulcer the size of a 20 toea coin. The mother stated that it had started with a small blister five weeks prior to that. Download the full case study here…

Case Study 3:
13 year old boy with airway obstruction

This young fellow was carried in from the remote west of our district where at that time there were no medical services. The family had walked for a full day carrying him by bush stretcher. Download the full case study here…

Case Study 4:
Pulsating head wound

This young fellow presented to the hospital with the story of having been hit on the head with a stone by another lad with a slingshot. There was no loss of consciousness and no detectable neurological signs. Download the full case study here…

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