If you would like to donate to any of the projects you have seen on this website, you can do so by electronic transfer to either of the following two accounts.

Enga Baptist Health Services Project Account
Hospital Redevelopment and Staff housing

Account details:

Swift Address/Swift Code : BOSPPGPM
                                            BSB:  088307
                  Account Number: 1000947391
                                          Bank: Bank South Pacific
                                      Branch: Mt Hagen PNG

Enga Baptist Health Services Operational Account
Other projects

Account details:

Swift Address/ Swift Code : BOSPPGPM
                                             BSB: 088307
                   Account Number:  1000134756
                                           Bank: Bank South Pacific

Australian Based Account for Donations from Overseas
Sending money from overseas into PNG, has been problematic for some people. So for people wishing to donate from overseas, you may find it easier to donate to our Australia based account.      

Account details:                         
Swift Address/Swift Code: WPACAU2S
                                           BSB: 704913
                 Account Number: 100000814
                      Account Name: City South Baptist Church Missions A/C Kompiam Dist. Hosp
                                        Bank : Baplink- Indue Ltd


Tax Deductibility : Unfortunately, donations to the Enga Baptist Health Service are not tax deductible in Australia.

Please email us to let us know of the transfer so we can look out for it and issue you with an electronic receipt.

Thank you for your generosity.

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