Sauan FM Radio

Sauan FM is the second of BUPNG’s FM radio ministries, after Tekin in the Sandaun province. Transmitting from the hospital grounds and with a solar powered repeater station up on the mountain range at Winakos, we can broadcast around most of Kompiam central area, including Lapalama and Marambe. Our signal is even being heard clearly over in the Baiyer Valley and as far as Banz in Western Highlands.

The station has had a massive amount of volunteer input, particularly from Mr Ron Ehrke in Australia – Ron has worked as a technical advisor with the ABC and continues in retirement to consult on the technical aspects of radio in various countries. The project has also benefitted from various trainers, who have come several times from radio stations down south to teach our people the finer points of broadcasting and program production.

The station runs under the supervision of a station manager and of  two announcers, playing music and running news, religious and educational programmes daily as well as doing health awareness and interviews. We are trying to strengthen the collaboration of Sauan FM and Kompiam International School in providing more academic and instructive programmes in the form of radio dramas or classes over the air, making the radio into a powerful educational tool for people living locally and in more remote places. However, we are still experimenting with the best models to provide a sustainable and effective service.

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