Kompiam International School

2023 April – Beth Glasby,  Volunteer Teacher for K.I.S.
Kompiam International School ended the year 2022 unsure if they would have enough teachers for this year. However, God has always provided whenever we needed it. And so in faith, the school “prepared the field for rain,” so to speak. And that blessing has come in the form of a young teacher, Beth Glasby. Coming to us from Melbourne, Australia, Beth has been teaching and working at the school since the beginning of the school year. Taking on the Upper Primary and Secondary classes, Miss Glasby has truly helped to lighten the load of the school staff. And because all good things must someday come to an end, Beth must now leave us. Yet, we are immensely grateful for the time and effort she has given the school. And as always, we wait on God to provide for the future, whether from home or afar.
2023 January – New Principal for Kompiam Inter. School
Ms. Rita Pyambaru
This year, 2023, is Kompiam International School’s first year with Ms. Rita Pyambaru as the new Principal. Ms. Pyambaru, who is from of Kompiam, joined the school in October of last year, and has now taken on the role of Principal. We hope that this will be the first of many successful years for Ms. Pyambaru at the school. Thank you Rita for your commitment and service
2022 – End of year update of Kompiam Inter. School  
This year has been a massive year for Kompiam International School. Not only has the school held its’ 2nd graduation ceremony, but it has also been Mrs. Karina Mills’ last year as Principal of KIS.
Kompiam International School is beaming with pride as yet another three Secondary students have finished their Year 12 pathways and have graduated. This, the second graduation of the school, was held on December 5 of this year in the school’s newly built gymnasium.
Not only was this a graduation ceremony, but it was also the farewell ceremony of the outgoing Principal, Mrs. Karina Mills. Mrs. Mills — founder and principal of Kompiam International School — has resigned, after dedicatedly serving the school for 15 years. Almost synonymous with the name KIS, is the name and reputation of this wonderful woman, and many have loathed to see her go. Her work has been a powerful beacon and testament of the love of Christ. And as she leaves, we wish her all the best for the future, and hope to see her again, God willing. Thank you, Mrs. Mills for your hard work and service. God bless.


Keeping staff in a remote place like Kompiam has its challenges. One of the biggest of these challenges is schooling for their children. In an environment where the existing school options have been very poor, many staff are forced to leave in order to find quality education for their children.

In 2008 Kompiam International School was born, initially with only 10 students from grades 1 to 7.

Since the opening of a new school building in 2015, the school now has the capacity to have up to 50 students and provide limited staff housing. Currently the school has students ranging from Kindergarten to grade 12. Students mostly come from staff families, but also from outside the hospital as capacity allows.We use an international English based curriculum taught by volunteer teachers. This amazing project is under the coordination and supervision of principal Karina Mills, who is helped by other national and, occasionally, international volunteers.

The school has now become an integral part of the hospital’s operations, with high quality education proving to be a major incentive to staff employment and retention.

If you would like to donate to this very important project, see our donations page.

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