Kompiam International School

Keeping staff in a remote place like Kompiam has its challenges. One of the biggest of these challenges is schooling for their children. In an environment where the existing school options have been very poor, many staff are forced to leave in order to find quality education for their children.

In 2008 Kompiam International School was born, initially with only 10 students from grades 1 to 7.

Since the opening of a new school building in 2015, the school now has the capacity to have up to 50 students and provide limited staff housing. Currently the school has students ranging from Kindergarten to grade 12. Students mostly come from staff families, but also from outside the hospital as capacity allows.We useĀ an international English based curriculum taught by volunteer teachers. This amazing project is under the coordination and supervision of principal Karina Mills, who is helped by other national and, occasionally, international volunteers.

The school has now become an integral part of the hospital’s operations, with high quality education proving to be a major incentive to staff employment and retention.

If you would like to donate to this very important project, see our donations page.

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