Alagula Health Centre

Alagula is few hours walk to the west of Kompiam. In the past there was no road or air access, however now, with the help of both the government and the community, a road followed by a bush track has been made to the health centre. It is the only one of our  health centres that has these severe accessibility constraints, which obviously make improvement of infrastructure very difficult.

The current facilities (the centre and two staff houses) were constructed with assistance from Porgera Joint Venture and all materials were airlifted in by helicopter back in the mid 1990’s. A refurbishing exercise was done in 2006. EBHS installed an HF radio and some solar lighting but the health centre has suffered for lack of manpower and because of it’s remoteness. Since then the health centre has received a solar fridge for vaccines and a more reliable and efficient water supply.

Common illnesses include malaria and malnutrition. Maternal mortality is very high in this area. All supplies have to be carried in by community volunteers.

The history of tribal fighting in this area has made development difficult, however currently there is a small primary school operating in a building made entirely of bush materials. Many Kompiam healthworkers are afraid to go there so staffing it has been difficult. Currenlty there’s a nursing officer working there. There are no female staff and this has made supervised birthing less attractive amongst local women.

In 2016 EBHS built a footbridge over a large river dividing Alagula from other adjacent villages, thus helping people from these villages and beyond to access the health centre more easily.

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