The schematic below shows the general structure of the Enga Baptist Health Services facilities.  The Kompiam District Hospital is the main medical facility in the district, which is surrounded by a number of health centers and aid posts that range between 5 minutes to 25 minutes flight away from the hospital (half a day to several days walk). The health centers generally have some basic facilities with a Nursing Officer and Community Health Worker (CHW).  The aid posts can be fairly basic and remote and will generally have a single CHW stationed there with a radio and basic medical supplies.Colorful Hexagon Mind Map-2

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Kompiam District Hospital

Lapalama Health Centre

Yengisa Health Centre

Aiyokos Health Centre

Marambe Health Centre

Alagula Health Centre

Elem Aid Post

Ende/Lutisau Aid Post

Mangao Aid Post

Pyarulam Aid Post



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